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Published: 2024.01.04
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The creators of this film are
Erin Axelman and Sam Eilertsen I take no credit or responsiblity for it. However , it is unfortunate they have taken a film that is created make such a difference in the world and decided to put a dollar sign on it. While they are only renting it for $5 the reality is you can't put any barrier of any kind on a movie that is already trying to be blocked and removed by the establishment. Not to mention a movie that the people who need a see the most will never see with a price tag of even one penny, as any price is an execuse to not watch. While I have most respect for the creators I think they're making a huge mistake by not making this publicly and freely available to anyone, which I believe is wrong, therefore , I am changing that. I hope you share this far and wide. Feel free to download and repost as well. Credit the creators.

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