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Published: 2023.06.14
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Are you looking for a way to spend your last #500?
Here is a simple way to do it, Game Arena.

Game Arena is a platform which is operated both on Game Arena app and Whatsapp. This is a platform where you play different types of games especially quiz to earn money.

Earning structure
Registration fee = #300 (One Time Payment)
welcome bonus = #100
Referral Bonus = #100
Game fee( to be deducted per game) = #20
Minimum Withdraw = #500


1. You can withdraw daily
2. Both referral and game winning are calculated together.

To register use the link below 👇👇👇👇,%20I%20want%20to%20Join%20Game%20Arena.%20I%20am%20referred%20by%20Alite%20user%20000

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