Crypto Agorism - Free markets for a free world

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Published: 2024.04.20
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Crypto Agorism unites agorists and cryptocurrency users to build fair and free markets outside of the state, which bypass the state's unethical monopoly on money (fiat), monopoly on identity (government ID) and monopoly on markets (regulations).

Agorism - also known as crypto anarchy, Second Realm, cypherpunk, informal economy, parallel economy, and black and gray markets - is a peaceful, voluntary and humanitarian strategy that helps people to access necessities like jobs, housing, healthcare, education, mail, communications and more without government ID or state permission.

Agorism is individualist, meritocratic and creates equal opportunities, where the individual's beliefs, effort and skill matter more than arbitrary circumstances of birth, unjust governments or any other form of discrimination or coercion.

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Tags: Crypto, agorism, anarchism, privacy, anonymity, cypherpunk

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