Cloudflare protecting scum (again)

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Published: 2023.12.21
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Jack Latiao was an alias of a vile monster who abused Animals for no reason other then to satisfy his twisted lust for murder. He blew up after putting a cat in a blender. He was arrested in China and shortly after released made to write and apology, and had no further consequences. But his actions caused thousands of copy cats to come online and do the same thing. This caused criminals to see dollar signs and they have created a whole criminal enterprise selling these videos with Bitcoin online. These freaks have created numerous websites but with one thing in common , all of them hiding behind the cloak of cloudflare. What thst means is you cant see who the hosting company is or get the IP of the site, making it impossible to report the highly illegal actions to the hosting company. Of course we have reported to law enforcement but they are slow and more and more animals are dying every second. Cloudflare not only is hiding their host but they are providing them a service called ipfs , which allows their videos to be shared peer to peer. They embed these videos on the site. These videos (hundreds ) of them serve as previews for content they sell. Ranging from torture to r&pe to murder. We have reported over and over again to cloudflare and many of the reports have gone completely ignored, however , when we reported the R$pe as non consensual sexual abuse (which it very much is) rather then animal abuse finally they responded. They told us the hosting company was ColoCrossing , but the email belonged to @racknerd. of course cloudflare refuses to ever provide an IP to confirm anything. We contacted both cloudflare and racknerd and yet BOTH tell us that they don't host the site. ColoCrossing claimed to have contacted cf 5 times with no answer and Racknerd just pointed us to CFs ip. We reported yet again to get only the same answer. Enough is enough.
@real_eastdakota its time you take accountability, we have informed you and provided evidence of illegal content , if you continue to hide this website like you have done with SOO MANY OTHERS your actively helping aid and abed a criminal enterprise.

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