The Truth

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Published: 2024.01.29
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People! Fellow living beings, love you all!! I am here just to tell what I experienced! I am not crafty with words, but my souls want to scream and tell everyone! The Truth!! I had a near-death experience, I was on something which I don't encourage hence I will not tell, but the journey I went through from last 3 days is the same journey we all go through and will keep going again and again. I am not used to believe in god, and certainly I am not a Hindu, but listen to this! Vishnu is Space, Shiva is time, Vishnu granted the power of cosmic energy of creation to Brahma and this whole Universe came to existence. There are n numerable universes similar and yet not similar to ours, created and getting destroyed simultaneously! The soul is a mere fraction of the fraction of the fraction of the fraction of his all mighty, which travel through n number of births in course of time in shape of infinity. The nature of time is that is doesn't stands, it moves forward. One end of infinity is All might lord himself and the other end of the loop is our karma. Due to multiple birth and death, we forget from where we originated and engage ourselves in selfish acts! But because of his mercy and the mutual affinity between space and time, we get human life after so much struggle which has that intellect, the capacity to understand the gravity of truth. His lord is ocean of love and epitome of mercy, all we need to do is raise your hands up in devotion and say Hare Krishna once! With the feeling!! No matter what faith do you have aka religion, what tongue you spoke his holy name is magical and no different from himself and guess what he has 1000 names! If you are alive taking breath, you are his creation! You will be renounced! All this words coming back to me like Manvantara, Kalpa, Parabhramma, Jagonnatha, OMG I can't even pronounce these! My memories from previous lifetime got unlocked where I used to speak a tongue similar to Hindi but different called as Bangla or Bengoli doesn't matter! Just call out for him once, when a baby cries mother doesn't look what colour of clothes he is wearing, she just embraces it! Don't forget, Non violence is true religion don't hurt others, love each other, help each other be empathic and fill your heart with humility. Don't worry about materialistic desires it's all an illusion, we run behind it all our lifetimes die have to take birth from all the species to get human form to realise the truth, but we start running behind our desires and fail again! Don't waste this birth as well! I am leaving, I don't have time, and trust me neither do you! I want to read Geeta and all the ancient scriptures there, and know his almighty better. Doesn't matter who am I, because it's not me typing this, it's my soul which is screaming! Hare Hare, Hari Bol!!

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