Brandon Alex Maloneys pedophile "apology" video he tried to delete

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Published: 2023.05.28
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Meet Alex Brandon Maloney , a kpop reviewer YouTuber with over 200k subscribers on youtube . but brandon has a secret that isn't so secret. Brandon is a pedophile . You see Brandon uses his huge youtube channel to groom kids. When many, many, many of his victims came out about this. He decided to try to sweep it under the rug.. he created an UNLISTED "apology" video he sent directly to his victims to basically to say, see , I apologized, now let's forget this ever happened. He didn't anticipate that this video would be found by others but it was. He was exposed and his video was shared publicly. He was asked to remove his youtube channel, and stop speaking to kids. Rather then comply, and delete the youtube channel he Cried suicide , plated victim , victim blamed , and finally he deleted the apology video.(quite literally, taking back his apology.) But Brandon forgot the golden rule of the internet that nothing on the internet is never truly deleted. So the video was re uploaded to many many many sources many he probably doesn't even know and hasn't found yet many he can't even report if he tried. But many he did report such as YouTube , and Vimeo claiming copyright. Which is quite literally claiming ownership on the fact that you're a pedophile. He recently yet again claimed copyright on this video. But the more he tries to get rid of it, the more it will be uploaded. This video is NEVER going away until you do.

Brandon's current YouTube channel , where he deletes any negative comments and pretends like nothing happened ( although it constantly changes) is:
His instgram is :

There is a proof video he has already reported, it hasn't been taken down yet, although I imagine it may be soon. here:

All proof as well as brandond details can be found here:

Please share far and wide with everyone. And keep sharing. Spreading, uploading. Until justice is served. Brandon does not deserve to live in peace as his victims can't ever live in peace


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